Electrical Installations


For trusted electricians in Johannesburg with the expertise, knowledge and experience to save you time and money in all your electrical installations, don’t hesitate to call Electrician in Johannesburg on our hotlines 0742208542 and 0738110428. Commercial electricians

  • Electrical Installations for new constructions: Domestic family houses, multi-family developments, condos, room additions, & renovations
  • Electrical Installations: Home Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical Installations of New Receptacles & Switches
  • Electrical Installations of Electrical Plugs
  • Electrical Installations of Electrical Switches
  • Electrical Installations for Room Additions & Remodels
  • Electrical Installations for Track and Specialty Lighting




  • Electrical Installations: Adequate Wiring Updated to Latest Code Requirements
  • Electrical Installations for Under-cabinet Lighting
  • Electrical Installations for 3 and 4-way Switches
  • Electrical Installations for Back-Up Generators
  • Electrical Installations for Surge Protection
  • Electrical Installations for ceiling fans
  • Electrical Installations  relating to Electrical Consulting and Electricity Usage Reduction Solutions




  • Electrical Installations relating to gate and garage motors
  • Troubleshooting Experts
  • Electrical Installations for Shock Prevention
  • Electrical Installations for Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Installations for Recessed Lighting
  • Electrical Installations  for Security and Motion Lighting
  • Electrical Installations relating to Electrical Service Upgrades & Alterations
  • Electrical Installations for Jacuzzi, Hot Tubs, Spas, and Pools


 Electrical Installations at Your House or Business Premises

Our residential electricians have the capability to complete electrical installation projects of all sizes and scales which means, you can confidently rely on us to get all types of electrical installation jobs done in a timely manner. Office electricians

Backed by years of experience and continuous training in electrical installations and related work, our electricians help residential customers with a wide range of electrical solutions. From installing new plug points & re-positioning to repairing existing dangerous & faulty wiring, we offer a wide range of residential electrical installation & electrical contracting services in Johannesburg.  We also install new light fittings, dimmer lights, chandeliers, recessed lighting and ceiling fans.

Electrician in Johannesburg: Industrial & Commercial Electrical Installations

No matter what the size or scope of your building is, our industrial electrical contractors are fully capable of handling all types of electrical installation projects. At Electrician in Johannesburg we are not just electricians, but our commercial electricians are also consultants with a keen eye for delivering efficient services in all projects handled by us. Our goal at Electrician in Johannesburg is to finish all our projects with superior quality, at low costs and meeting all timeline targets.Industrial electricians

  • New Construction
  • Stand by Generator
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Service Upgrades
  • Security
  • High-voltage Installs
  • Solar Installation Consulting
  • Sustainable Energy Consulting
  • Lighting Improvements and Upgrades: Internal & External Lighting
  • Full or Partial Remodels
  • Emergency Electrical Repairs




  • Adequate Wiring Upgrades to Latest Code Compliance
  • Sub-metering
  • Satellites
  • Intercom Systems
  • Site Work (Infrastructure Wiring)
  • Scaffold Lighting
  • Electrical Modifications & Improvements
  • Sub-panels
  • Load Balancing
  • CCTV

Electrician in Johannesburg: Electrical Installations – Energy Saving

We have the wisest energy saving solutions for problems with high electricity bills to make your house energy efficient and feel more comfortable and safer for you and your family.

Energy saver



Electrician in Johannesburg: Basic Home Electrical Installations Tips

Electrical Installations Tip 1: ELECTRICITY KILLS! So be careful in touching electrical wiring.

Electrical Installations Tip 2: Always test before touching and code your wires to the intended connection to avoid shocking and nasty surprises.

Electrical Installations Tip 3: The live wires (Black or Red) are typically “Hot” meaning current (Amps) is flowing from the circuit breaker to the appliance or electrical box.

Electrical Installations Tip 4: Neutral wires (White or Blue) are usually the “Returns” where current (Amps) flows back to the circuit breaker after passing through the appliance (load).

Electrical Installations Tip 5: The earth (ground) wire is normally bare and attaches to the appliance frame. Normally current should not be running through it. The only time current should be running through it is when there is a short circuit, and when this does happen the circuit breaker should trip killing current flow to the appliance and wire.

Electrical Installations Tip 6: A distribution board (DB board) circuit panel is where all of the wires in your home get tied into and connected to circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are fed by one large circuit breaker that connects your home to the local Eskom electric grid. Typically each circuit breaker is targeted towards a specific room within the home. In some cases there may be multiple circuit breakers for a room.

Electrical Installations Tip 7: Circuit breakers come in different shapes and sizes with different current rating capacities. The circuit breaker used depends on the number of appliances that are used in the rooms and the risk of electrical shock, overload and tripping.

Electrical Installations Tip 8: Earth leakage circuit breakers are designed to trip in the event an electrical appliance comes in contact with water, thus potentially saving your life.

Electrical Installations Tip 9: Another important residential electrical wiring tip is the choice of electrical wiring. The size of wire depends on the amount of current required to power the desired appliances. A small wire might cause the electricity to trip if large appliances are used at the same time.

Electrical Installations Tip 10: When installing light switches carefully consider the locations of them. You don’t want them installed behind doors. You want them to be intuitively located when walking into the room. Usually you will want to place them within arm reach of the doorway at a height of 48 inches or so off of the floor.

Electrical Installation Tip 11: Also consider 3-way switches, which means you can turn the light off at two locations within the room. This is particularly helpful if there are two ways of enter the room.

Electrical Installation Tip 12: When installing ceiling/wall lights and ceiling fans, assemble them as much as possible on the ground to eliminate neck strain and the need for having another set of hands to hold them up when installing them.

Electrical Installations Tip 13: Always use the right tools when installing residential electrical wiring in your home. Pliers and screwdrivers should have insulated grips.